“Everyday your story is created like a rich tapestry, woven with many shades of threads, resulting in a unique reflection of your life ” – Helen Hansen

We are Shan & Simon , a married couple enjoying new found vegan life . Our life is made of open space’s , The ocean … secret kisses , Mountain scenery and telling love stories the best way we know how . Our love story began two years ago , we are both professional photographers who met online and two weeks after meeting we shot our first wedding together as Thunder & Love , it has been a whirlwind tail since then , with many late nights , sore feet , adventures and very happy hearts . Our beginning was never easy , we arrived in The Cape with a car full of essentials & a few rand to our name’s , but through hard work and our undying passion for what we do , we have made our company into something we can both be very proud of , and we hope to never ever stop telling Love stories for all our days !

We understand couple’s , we truly do ! as a couple ourselves we have been there too and sometimes this thing we call life is never easy , but together its so worth it ! We also understand the pressures and stress’s our couple’s feel on their big day , we felt it all too on our own , which is why we try and be friends , stress relievers , tissue holders and so much more than photographers to our couple’s. At the end of the day , our clients become friends and  we get to share this amazing journey with them , we couldn’t ask for anything better in this world .




What is Photography to us ?  To us photography is a matter of heart , Its being able to stop time in its tracks to capture one split second . Photography is like poetry ,its our gateway to a spot in history  never to be forgotten or lost . It’s the connection between generations , sitting with your grand children one day in 60 years telling them about your adventures . Photography is art , it is a way of feeling .


What is our Style like ?  Style is such a hard thing to describe as an artist , We truly want our clients to own a piece of art of themselves , not just photographs , We hope to achieve this with our style . We like to think that we are a mixture of Documentary story telling and fine art piece’s ( we hope that doesn’t sound too cheesy ) , but We feel that our style is influenced by many different things like ; The old master painters , landscapes ,  Dramatic lighting , connections , Bonds , love , family and adventure’s .


We really appreciate that we are able to be part of unique moments like weddings – moments of families growing together, generations meeting each other. Stories will be told and memories will be made. Memories you will keep forever.