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"Everyday your story is created like a rich tapestry, woven with many shades of threads, resulting in a unique reflection of your life " - Helen Hansen

We are Shan & Simon , a married couple enjoying new found vegan life . Our life is made of open space’s , The ocean … secret kisses , Mountain scenery and telling love stories the best way we know how . Our love story began two years ago , we are both professional photographers who met online and two weeks after meeting we shot our first wedding together as Thunder & Love , it has been a whirlwind tail since then , with many late nights , sore feet , adventures and very happy hearts . Our beginning was never easy , we arrived in The Cape with a car full of essentials & a few rand to our name’s , but through hard work and our undying passion for what we do , we have made our company into something we can both be very proud of , and we hope to never ever stop telling Love stories for all our days !

We understand couple’s , we truly do ! as a couple ourselves we have been there too and sometimes this thing we call life is never easy , but together its so worth it ! We also understand the pressures and stress’s our couple’s feel on their big day , we felt it all too on our own , which is why we try and be friends , stress relievers , tissue holders and so much more than photographers to our couple’s. At the end of the day , our clients become friends and  we get to share this amazing journey with them , we couldn’t ask for anything better in this world .


I have a deep love and passion for all things equine , it all began as a little girl aged four and just has not stopped since ! In my spare time I capture the bond between Girls and their beloved horse’s , it gives me a deep sense of happiness to be around these amazing creatures I love so dearly .

As a wedding photographer I love to be able to capture the love & joy between a couple , I truly feel that your wedding photographs should be timeless and Romantic , something that you can look back on in years to come and just be so proud ! I adore pastel colours and lace , and getting the chance to meet so many different amazing couple’s make’s what I do as a wedding photographer such a joy ! I like to say we ” dont have client’s , we have life long friends “. I have a mild obsession with film & vintage cameras and would simply die to use a Contax 645 one day for our wedding work .


I have a passion for the ocean and waves, and capturing its different moods and shapes, whether it’s on the land or floating in the sea. This has given me the privilege of traveling around the country and world chasing beautiful waves.

I take the same passion into wedding photography, utilizing the beautiful scenery and surge of emotions on the day to melt them into timeless images that retell stories of the day for generations to come. A wedding is an incredibly personal bonding of two people, and it’s an honour to be able to tell each and every love story. There are no two weddings that are the same, and no two couples, and I love that!


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