Courtney & Wesley’s Durban Wedding , was simply breath taking , the weather played it’s part , the decor was amazing , The venue truly unique but most importantly these two where simply the best couple any photographer could ask for . Courtney a gentle porcelain skinned beauty , look incredible and held herself with such grace and class , Wesley looked so Dapper and ever the gentleman who actually sang to Courtney during their reception , but most importantly their love for each other was so evident during the whole day , it was a joy to capture . Thank you Courtney & Wesley , you both where strangers  whom have become great friends to both of us , we are honored and blessed to have been able to tell your love story , we both wish you many years of love , tears and Happiness . Alot of these images where captured on 35mm film ( the good old stuff )

Dress from Meliza Mary
Make Up by MothWorks
Hair by Hair by Hawthorn
Flowers from Flowers By Leigh
Food by Bleu Berri Concept Catering
Decor by Planned to Perfection :
Venue is Barker Manor


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