To help you answer some questions you may have, we have put down a few that we get asked often by our awesome couple’s. We are a documentary based team and we feel every couple & story is different & unique no matter the venue or day. We are just witnesses to your love and help you tell that story for generations to come .

Frequently Asked Questions :

•Do you travel? 

Yes, we travel all around South Africa and the world, there is no venue to close or remote we won’t travel to. Simply get in touch with us and we will be able to make up a unique travel package just for you.

•When you say you are two photographers, what do you mean?

By this we mean that we are both professional photographers, together we have almost 20 years of experience behind us. Both of us have our own unique way of seeing the same moment, although different these melt together perfectly to reflect all the emotions and beauty of your love story. This is different to how some photographers would have themselves and an assistant to help where needed.

•Do we need to provide you with food on the day?

We love our jobs very much and although we wish we didn’t need to stop and refuel every so often, it is needed. Most times we shoot long hours without remembering or having the time to stop and eat. The only meal we need supplied would be the dinner, it doesn’t need to be fancy, as long as it gives us the energy to keep on going for the next few hours. (and generally the drive home)

•What is the best time for us to do our creative shoot?

Most photographers refer to it as the golden hour, the last hour of sunlight. This is when light and shadows are at its best, allowing us to capture the best possible moments with the best possible light.

•How long does it take to shoot a wedding?

We wouldn’t advise anything under 8 hours, depending on the size of the wedding, as obviously elopements and very small wedding parties can be slightly different. Each wedding has a unique timeline which means not every wedding can be captured in the same amount of time.

•How long before we get our pictures?

We generally say one month, especially in busy season, but this isn’t to say you wont get it sooner. We edit all the images ourselves and we take pride in the meticulous way we select, edit and process out the images and products of your wedding day. You are not just a number to us, you are the love story that we are focused on, and if we feel we need to take a bit of extra time for the editing to make sure its 100% up to standard we will, and you will be kept in the loop.