In 2015, the stars aligned and We met over Tinder ! two weeks after meeting and being photographers prior to even meeting , we shot our first wedding together as Thunder and Love, Fast forward to 2023 ,  with over 20 years of combined experience and having captured over 500 weddings, we know exactly how to put our couples at ease.

Our approach is centred on making sure you feel comfortable and present on your big day. We want you to take in the scenery, savour each moment, and never feel rushed. For us, it's not about bagging the next big portfolio image or stealing the spotlight – it's about you and your celebration.We are a no-fuss, no-frills team, and we bring that same relaxed energy to every Wedding.

Our approach is simple - we connect with our couples, we build trust through relationship, we learn your stories, and we document your love in a unique and artful way.

We don’t see Ourselves as a distant observers or documentarians, focusing only what’s in front of us, we are capturing how it felt to be there too