We are so glad you have reached our about page , because this is a huge decision and it's important to know who we are and what we believe in.

We could talk all day about how we love weddings, moments, adventure or coffee but this journey isn't about us, it's about you! You are here because you saw wedding stories you connected with or perhaps images that made you feel something.

Sure there are thousands of other wedding photographers out there but this time you saw something that made you feel different. That is exactly what we are about, feeling, being yourself and truly enjoying this once in a lifetime event.

You don't want cheesy or super posed stuff but you also want beautiful timeless pictures all the while being present and experiencing your day. Not stressing over the flowers, the guests or being rushed to the next photo.

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We Met on Tinder over breakfast and never looked back

You guessed it , we are Shan & Simon , We are Thunder and Love ! and yes we met on Tinder, on Shan's Birthday , Simon actually sold surf prints to get petrol to come meet Shan. Two weeks after meeting, we shot our first wedding together. We sold all our belongings to move to Cape Town 7 years ago , with just our passion , 500 bucks to our name and our little VW Polo, we started Thunder and Love "sans" Cat of course , he came much later to the party.

We love a freaking good coffee, we both surf, like the odd hike and will invest in good tattoo work when given the chance. We are addicted to terrible reality shows, crime documentaries and anything about nature.

We don’t see Ourselves as a distant observers or documentarians, focusing only what’s in front of us, we are capturing how it felt to be there too

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Hi there I'm Simon , My Dad was actually a photographer and a pretty good one ( he likes to remind me constantly of how images should always be sharp ) , I was born in Boksburg ( Lool don't judge me , yes I have the deep south going on ) and then at a tender age moved to Cape Town ! I am a huge pizza Addict its a bit more of an obsession , I also try to understand that pizza isn't a staple diet , but hey one can dream !

I started my journey as a photographer through My love of the ocean , and for many years captured her waves and riders through my lens ! Several years ago I shot my first wedding and was so hooked ! Ive been told Im a people person ( Shan like's to say the grannies Love me ) , But I love to capture the connections between lovers and I love environmental portraits , I feel couples pick a venue for a reason and I want to capture that and give them actual art pieces they can be proud of !

Im a big fan of : Mexican Food , Lonely island , Emimen , Queen , ACDC , The Beetles , The Beach Boys , Marvel , Avengers , Jurassic park , M Night Shyamalan , pizza , Offshore winds , Coffee , epic landscapes , my cat , level 832 candy crush , Body boarding , Super Vet , Vikings


Hi Im Shan ! I don't have some long story about always having a camera or growing up in an artistic home , apparently I was raised by Wolves ( according to Simon ) . I was born and raised in Durban aka Dirtbin aka KZN aka the home of the Mutton curry , I am a full fledged pasta addict even though I shouldn't eat it , YOLO ! Im the crazy part of the team ( Logic never prevails here ) I love being able to travel to venues and meet different couples each and every weekend ! I truly love to capture those moments that make you feel , moments that make you remember every ounce of emotion ! You see I wanted to be a War Photojournalist , but many moons ago got hooked on telling Love stories and honestly I wouldn't change what I do for anything in the world .

Im a big fan of Jamiroquai , Emimen , Queen , Blink 182 , Red hot chill peppers , Foo Fighters , Star Wars , Jaws , Jurassic Park , Crime Documentaries , Vikings , Fat Boy Slim , Daft Punk , Winter Months , Horse's , Ben Howard , Rabbits , Earth Wind & Fire , A Knights Tale , Arctic Monkeys , Quentin Tarantino Movies .


Hi Im Mouse , I just live with these two crazy Hoomans , Ive never been to a wedding and Im sure they have chikums there I love chickums

Things I enjoy :

Getting zoomies , walking dad up at 6am while screaming , putting my butt on everything , chickums , snacks and more snacks

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