The amazing wedding of Britney & Arthur at La Roche Estate

We where going to get AI to write this blog post , but honestly it sounds like we are trying to sell you a really bad used car or some life insurance, when all we actually want to do is tell how freaking amazing Britney and Arthur are as a couple !!

We met Brit & Arthur over a zoom call , because that's how things work these days , especially when you are planning a wedding all the way in Canada like Brit & Arthur did ! We completely hit it off with them and knew that their day was going to be a vibe ! well because Britney herself is not only the sweetest human ever , but you know when Britney is in a room , her aura is infectious and she is the life of the party . Arthur is quite , but strong and easy going , we think that's why they work so well ! you cant have two extroverts in a relationship. These two humans are like Tomato sauce & chips ( you cant have one without the other ) and guys that's why we are wedding photographers, we not there to have you pretend you in love , no friends , we want that Note book kind of love ! and these two had it !

Their Wedding day at La Roche Estate was simply the cherry on top for their love story ! it was yes a little windy , but hey this is Cape Town , this did not phased these two lovers in the actual slightest ! from getting ready to the crazy party at the end of their day , Brit & Arthur where amazing and we simply cant thank them both enough ! for letting us capture them , their love and their day ! Guys thank you both , it was an Honour