As Cape Town wedding photographers we are often asked " what is your favorite venue ?" well Bosjes is one of them , we cant think of a more stunning piece of architecture within the Western Cape ! it is honestly truly an experience even if you are not getting married , you can certainly take a drive and go have some wonderful food there , it is amazing and well worth the drive ! Now to the actual wedding of Julia & Migs , well these two amazing humans where such a blast truly , to just be around! we know we sound biased but our couples are truly the most beautiful people !

ask any wedding photographer if they like cloudy weather and you will get a resound " yes " well because it just makes everything so soft and even , so don't worry if your day is cloudy , it will make for the most even images !! Juls & Migs for sure embraced the day and just couldnt wait to get married !! Guys we adore the time we spent together and we love the images you guys allowed us to capture !! Thank you so much for being the most amazing two people ever

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